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BareMinimum is a portable Windows program. It doesn't use an installer (although one will be included with version 1.0 when it's released). If you're used to using installers, note that the steps are a bit different.

  1. Download the latest ZIP archive from the Downloads page.
  2. Extract the archive to a folder that you'll remember. You could use C:\BareMinimum\, or just a folder in your Documents Library called BareMinimum. See notes below for places you shouldn't put BareMinimum.
  3. To run the program, open BareMinimum.exe. Don't delete the other files; BareMinimum needs them to run.

Notes: Don't extract BareMinimum to the Program Files folder (here's why you shouldn't, if you're interested). Also, some system folders aren't good places for BareMinimum to live, either (e.g. C:\Windows).

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