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Here's a list of possible problems with possible solutions. If you have an issue, keep in mind that BareMinimum is still in testing phase, and I would welcome a post in the Discussions area.

  • I'm getting an error when I try to save a file. It says "I/O Error" at the top.
This is possibly because you're trying to save or open from a place that you don't have access to. Try saving to a place you know you have permission to save to (Documents, for instance).
  • I'm getting an error when I try to save or open a file that says "JSON Serialization Error" at the top.
There are two things that can cause this: one, BareMinimum screwed up when it was saving a file and the file got corrupted; or two, something (or someone) else corrupted your file. If you post in the Discussion area, I might be able to rescue your file.
  • The math is wrong! What kind of a program is this, anyway?
Well, I would sincerely hope that the algorithm I wrote works in every situation, but I can't test everything. Please send me the file (or just a description of the data that causes the issue), and I'll try to see why my algorithm failed. Obviously, BareMinimum can't be successful if it fails at the math, so I make this a top priority.
  • A part of the interface is unresponsive, the program freezes or crashes, or something else goes horribly wrong when it shouldn't.
Well, most likely, you've encountered a bug. Please, please, please post in the Discussions area. I would love to help you there, and get to the bottom of why my program isn't working.

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